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There are a steadily growing number of photographs to view here. I have organized them by category, then by state and then by date with event names when available.

If you are new to the site I would recommend the " A Few Favorite Fotos " gallery for a sample of fotos - from simple snapshots to photographs that are found in the ( many ? ) galleries available .

There's a ( good ) change in pricing - details are spelled out in the December, 2012, section of " A short history of the site " below .

While SmugMug's Privacy Policy is available at the " privacy " button at the bottom of the page , mine is straightforward - I don't share any information that you provide - you expect it to be confidential and it stays that way. I have been known to send out Christmas cards - mostly to people I know pretty well.

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Technical Notes :

The original digital negatives remain full size with lots of detail - but - the images have been reduced in size and watermarks added for viewing on the internet. Moving your cursor over the image and clicking on it will give you a larger viewing choice. All prints and downloads will be made from the full sized original digital negatives to retain their inherent detail and the watermarks will have been removed ! Print size for each print has been tailored to match its detail. All copyright provisions as defined by SmugMug remain in full effect .

Thanks for stopping in ~ Bill

A short history of the site . . .

May, 2015
Although we have not had as much snow as last year there was always a " storm " brewing with just enough snow or ice to keep everyone busy this past winter. Now that it 's over and people are out and about we will get back to our car show schedule and add some new topics among which is a sport called pickleball . While popular with older folks who stay near the baseline so they can play a slower game much like tennis on a smaller court with much less running and " pains " or injuries . However younger folks with quick reactions get right up to the net and play a really fast game . With such extremes of play available most find a spot that they can be comfortable and competitive with - highly recommended . As always we will be looking for new places and things to take fotos of . . .

March, 2014
It's now official - this winter is in the top 5 snowiest winters in recorded history - and we still have 3 more weeks to go . Philadelphia's Mayor has said he's called out the snow removal crews 16 times - so far - with more forecast for Thursday . Which means that there are some new weather related fotos in the " Weather " category . And the beginning of baseball and the spring car show season are just about here. Hopefully the economy has improved enough to allow for some new " foto " trips also . Here's looking forward to summer ( and there will be no complaints about sun nor heat this year ) .

August, 2013
Usually during August I manage to get to South Lake Tahoe, Reno and Sparks, Nevada to take fotos of cars and visit with folks there. The bad news is that will not happen this year. My apologies to those that have been following those fotos for the last three years. However the good news is that I expect to be back to NV in August of 2014. Certainly I enjoy being west of the Mississippi, a change in scenery/sights and look forward to also making some side trips next year as well seeing lots of hot rods.

December, 2012
Several people that I respect have asked about some moderately priced digital downloads for personal use ( screen savers and such ) . The downloads are still subject to copyright provisions as defined by SmugMug. I'd like to think the prices are pretty darn good but you're the judge who will decide that . They have been set up in the " Cars " gallery for calendar year 2012 with other years becoming available as time permits. Once " Cars " is completely converted in time all other galleries will be also - if you would like to accelerate the change for a particular gallery drop me an email and I'll do it asap . And not to forget - Merry Christmas / Happy New Year !

July, 2012
There's been alot of fotos added recently to certain categories and not so many in others. For those that are new to the site the gallery/category " Favorite Fotos " gives an idea of the different categories of fotos while highlighting popular fotos that would be at home as a simple postcard; or, framed and hung in the family room. This year I've also started combining fotos to produce very detailed larger prints - when the subject and equipment come together. We'll see how it goes .

December, 2011
It has been a busy year with some new categories and a " bunch " of new galleries. None the less, as my late Dad used to say: " There's always room for improvement . " With that advice I will be trying to improve on my photography skills ( such as they are ) and work on spiffing up the web site . My photography skills will hopefully continue to improve as I continue to learn theory and techniques. The web site could use a bit more organization. I'm thinking the " Cars " category might be easier to use iffen I separate the galleries by year ( 2012, 2011, . . . ). So, for example, Rockledge Car Show would be found under 2009, 2010, 2011 and eventually 2012 for four years of shows . The exception would be fotos taken at Hot August Nights of Reno/Sparks, Nevada, fame - large enough venues for their own sub-category within " Cars ". Hot August Nights ( HAN ) is the trademark of Hot August Nights, Inc and their official fotos are at : hotaugustnights.net . And there are still some older " collections " that may warrant a gallery or two . We 'll see how this all works out - as before - hoping to continually improve when possible at no particular pace.
BTW - Merry Christmas ( and/or happy holidays )

June, 2011
There are some new categories and the galleries keep coming. Yet I still have some older photos in the pipeline - possibly with a short narrative when it serves to describe the event(s). For example, the Donald M Wilson gallery has potential I believe - currently the only gallery with individual photo descriptions.

February, 2011
More photo's are coming online - with lots more still to go. Which also means the inventory for " stock " photography is starting to shape up - to offer a good selection for home or work . Or even just to see what an area looks like before traveling there as most if not all galleries are named by state and time of year for reference . There are many photos still to come and some spiffing up yet to be done - no timetable - just gradual change .

December, 2010
After entering " early retirement " I found the time to pursue an activity that I've followed for many years - photography. This experiment is a sampling of journeys and adventures that have occurred over the years. I will be adding ( many ? ) more over the coming weeks and months .